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Dr. Nir Tenenbaum is the founder of Wildeas, an independent expert combining defense and veterinary background with his passion for nature and wildlife.

First and foremost a Doctor of veterinary medicine he is also a retired air-force airborne ranger, mission commander, MBA graduate, and an alumnus of the defense industry with over 20 years’ experience in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), applied to an array of defense, homeland security and civilian challenges.  He has designed, deployed, operated and trained on various types of ISR systems worldwide. 


Dr. Tenenbaum dedicated himself back to conservation and humanitarian causes through ‘Wildeas’- bridging the gap to facilitate aid to global disasters and the protection and conservation of wildlife with realistic, effective and durable advanced solutions. Assisting organizations in the appropriate selection process, introduction and operation of solutions in the field.


Dr. Nir Tenenbaum

"More than anything the planet needs our brains. For all the money in the world will make not a bit of difference unless we engage in the kind of results-oriented analyses, the due diligence, the careful terrain and manpower assessments, the drafting of targeted solutions, and the pre-deployment testing of technology that is par for the course among businessmen who wouldn't think of demanding anything less than the best return on investment.


I believe that technology has tools, which, selected properly and put into the hands of enforcement and prevention workers in the field, can put them on the proactive side of wildlife crime prevention and humanitarian assistance and protection - NOW. 

Together we can ensure that tools are chosen and deployed in a manner that matches the urgent requirements of each unique situation while empowering operatives on the ground with actual effective capabilities."

Dr. Nir Tenenbaum

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