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“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”
Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt


Wildeas is an ambitious project, aiming to bridge the gap between conservation and humanitarian aid to possible technologies and companies.

Dr. Nir Tenenbaum, a veterinary doctor with an extensive defense expertise, founded 'Wildeas' after witnessing the dramatic escalation of environmental crimes, humanitarian disasters and the continous  failure of advanced technologies in the field.  It's goal is to provide a transparent and unbiased end-to-end support for global and local leaders in their conservation and humanitarian efforts using a strategy based on proven defense tactics and tools.

Wildeas created a fact based process is toexplore real, practical, creative solutions in a realistic approach for each area and for each challenge in order to save human lives, habitat  and wildlife.  Wildeas' strength and value come from a unique, independent and interdisciplinary expertise, based on over 20 years of experience in the field of security and defense, intertwined with a truely dedicated conservation and humanitarian perspective.

Wildeas provide guidance, education, and support to partners throughout the process, including area analysis, strategy and tactical design, successful deployment and operating solutions on the ground, and follow-up and evaluation.  Our process is fact-based, developing and deploying realistic and appropriate instruments and weighing the various options available, thereby streamlining the use of investments and human resources. The personalized process includes analysis of community and area needs and security challenges, defining necessary strategies, researching and devising realistic defense options, guiding field assessments, selection, deployment, and training for solutions that will empower field operators and provide a proactive tactical approach

Since its inception in 2011, Wildeas has advised government and non-profit institutions but seeks to have a stronger, cross-vertical influence on field activities - from education, donors, NGO's, goveranments, to field operations, directors and anyone who cares about the future of our planet and remaining wildlife.


MIssion and Vision

Wildeas's mission is to stop wasting precious lives, time and money - Now.

To facilitate the responsible application of proven, advanced technologies for wildlife conservation, habitat and environmental protection and humanitarian causes. By:

  • Providing an experienced, result-oriented expertise, dedicated solely to save lives. 

  • Providing a transparent and unbiased end-to-end support for global and local leaders.

  • Leading the realistic testing of  proven efficient tools in a mission oriented process.

  • Promoting collaboration and initiatives among international and local communities


Wildeas's Vision is a future where human ingenuity protects our ecosystem,

people, habitat and wildlife for all to prosper.

“It is not a question of saying we should be doing all that is possible to save our oceans, but rather that we must do all that is possible or else."

Capt. Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd)

Goals and Strategy

Wildeas goal is to change the rules of the game ASAP

From our utter dedication to the conservation of all living forms, we wish to lead the responsible adaptation of advanced technologies for the protection of humans, wildlife and habitats, using realistic, efficient, proven tools that can tip the balance in favor of our ecosystem and humanity.


We assist governments and organizations and promote collaboration through the process of searching, adapting, investing and implementing technologies and operational methods that will empower them efficiently as immediate solutions for a growing crisis, but with a long-term, cost-effective perspective and strategy. 


Wildeas’ strength comes from its objectivity and transparency – we do not sell anything and we are not agents for any technological company. 

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