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"Sharing (Good information) is caring"

Salvation Army

Humanitarian disaster and conflict areas, Natural and Wildlife habitats are all standing bare.
On Land and sea they are characterized by parallel protection challenges; defended by dedicated individuals, teams and agencies who are facing these challenges with obsolete methods that have not evolved in over 20 years - lacking an experienced guiding hand, expertise and technology to succeed in their mission.
We can create the change.​​
We believe that sharing information is a key factor if we wish to succeed in global missions such as conservation.
Unfortunately there are three strong trends in information sharing that are hindering progress.
The first is the simple abundance of information available on the web, where truth and facts are hidden behind false experts and mountains of stories, marketing fables and sometimes shameless lies. 
The second, is an over protective tendency of many organizations, keeping their data behind closed doors, seeking recognition first, and results later. A tendency that hinders cooperation and leads to many parallel projects that fail again and again instead of learning from previous mistakes.
Lastly, a tendency to rely on subjective, internal knowledge rather than realizing and acknowledging when you lack the expertise and need an expert advice – the right and most appropriate, objective advice.
All Wildeas publications and blog posts are aimed at providing as much information as possible to stakeholders in their process to adopt technologies to their missions. 
We focus on providing information that is:
Relevant: Information that is actually needed and can affect decision making.
Up-to-date: Information that speaks about current possibilities and updates about the latest developments.
Accurate: We focus on providing fact-based information only, without romanticizing any idea, system or method.
Meeting user needs: Different areas have different needs and characteristics.  We try to provide the basis from which all areas can start from, and that will be directed to actual needs.
Easy to use and understand: We aim at providing simple direct information that any stakeholder can use in their process.
Realistic: The information we provide tries to focus on relevant and realistic systems that can be used on missions today.
Reliable: All our information is from a neutral standpoint, providing an objective assessment that opens opportunities.


We must share knowledge.

It is my personal belief that information must be openly shared in order to lead positive changes in the world.

In this section, I provide publicized information that can help anyone, from a small conservancy leader, to an international NGO, an environment minister and donors.

Blog posts

We should create a dialogue.

Speak about our challenges, share our success and our failures in order for information to be openly shared and in order to lead positive changes in the world.

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